Meat’s On Sale At Target: Raise Prices By 30 Cents

Target CEO Brian Cornell came from the food business, having worked for companies like Safeway, Sam’s Club, and PepsiCo before joining the big-box discounter in 2014. Since then, he’s been working to make groceries at Target better, experimenting with delivery and more fresh and minimally processed food instead of cans and snacks. For example, there’s this nice selection of ground beef that Michael wanted to buy, which is even on sale this week. No… wait a minute, that’s not right.


“I noticed that the meat was on ‘sale’ for Buy One, Get One 20% off. Not a great deal in and of itself, but I remembered getting it cheaper the week before, so I was surprised,” Michael writes. That’s a good thing to remember. Something being on sale doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily a good deal, and that’s especially true at Target.

Michael moved the “sale” sign and found… that cheaper price from the previous week. Now, maybe the regular price of beef is now $4.79, and the price will go back tomorrow. Maybe everyone at this Target in California is just confused.

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