Reminder: Today Is The Day Microsoft Pulls Support For Internet Explorer 8, 9, And 10 For Good

msie_nomoreIf you’ve been putting off your final farewells to Internet Explorer, it’s time to stop procrastinating: Microsoft is ending support for IE versions 8, 9, and 10, effectively sending the browser to that Internet pasture in the sky, where its friends Netscape Navigator, Mosaic, and other tech dinosaurs are waiting.

The final security update delivers a few bug fixes for the browser, as well as a warning that it’s about to bite the bucket, in the form of an “end of life” notification. The message will push users to upgrade to IE’s successor, Microsoft Edge.

So why should you care? If you’re one of the possibly hundreds of millions of users still running one of those IE versions, you won’t get any more security patches. And if you don’t get security updates, your software will become increasingly vulnerable to hack attacks as time goes by.

If you or your loved ones are still relying on a soon-to-be very outdated version of Microsoft’s web browser, this is your moment. Seize it, and move on.

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