Microsoft Edge Revealed As Replacement For Internet Explorer Web Browser

microsoftedgeThe final nail in Internet Explorer’s coffin came today, as Microsoft revealed its erstwhile web browser’s replacement: What had been known as Project Spartan is being introduced to the world as Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft announced Edge, which will be featured in its upcoming Windows 10 operating system, at the company’s BUILD conference, reports Ars Technica. In what is perhaps an homage to Explorer or maybe just a comfort thing, the “E” for “Edge” closely resembles the icon its predecessor used.

This may or may not be the icon, as seen on Twitter (via VentureBeat):

Microsoft hopes this E fares better: The company’s systems chief Joe Belfiore noted that the “e” icon “now has a completely different and better meaning than it has for a while,” reports CNNMoney.

Edge will support modern browser functions, such as extensions, unlike Explorer. The browser touts a New Tab page that shows a user’s top pages, apps that go with those pages, featured apps and other things provided to Cortana, Microsoft’s digital personal assistant.

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