Dreams Really Do Come True: You Can Now Make A LEGO Head In Your Own Image

legofacePlaying with LEGO when I was a kid was great, because my friends and I could build the houses — nay! castles! — of our dreams and fill them with all the things kids want in a dream home (huge pool, ice cream parlor, cat ranch, etc.). There was only one problem: none of the little barrel-headed figurines I had to act out those childhood fantasies looked remotely like me. That is no longer an obstacle to fun times.

A UK-based company called Funky 3D faces is offering the chance for anyone with about $44 to spare the chance to turn their mugs into a 3-D head that fits on a LEGO minifig body (h/t People). To be clear, these are not official LEGO products, nor has the company endorsed them.

You can choose to either have a big head, or a smaller one, which probably says a lot about how you feel about yourself:

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 1.09.40 PM

Funky 3D Faces is a side project for some folks who work for a parent company called, ELAT3D Ltd who make 3D printed bones for the medical industry and architectural models for architects and surveyors. Though that sounds like a blast, the creators said on their website that they “wanted to use the technology we had to make something fun and affordable to the masses.”

To immortalize yourself in plastic, customers just need to send two photos of their head to the company. Because the heads are removable — like all LEGO minifig heads — you can switch’em up depending on how you’re feeling that day.

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