Google Testing Password-Free Account Login System

Could a smartphone be the new password? That’s the idea behind a new login option being tested at Google. 

The tech company, Tech Crunch reports, has invited select users to try out a new method of logging in to their accounts by merging their web browsing with their ever-present mobile device.

Under the new system, a user enters their email address. The site then sends a notification that will appear on their phone asking if the user is signing in from another device. To approve the action, simply press “yes.”

Google currently allows two-factor authentication as a means to protect accounts. Through the system, users input a code from their authenticator app on their phone in order to access their gmail or other account.

The company says that users can still opt to use their password when logging in, or that it might require the code if it notices anything unusual about the login attempt.

In the event that your phone is stolen, Google advises users should sign into their account from another device and remove account access from the device you no longer have in your possession.

A rep for Google confirmed the new tests, noting that “we’ve invited a small group of users to help test a new way to sign-in to their Google accounts, no password required. ‘Pizza’, ‘password’ and ‘123456’—your days are numbered.”

According to Tech Crunch, the new login method will likely be useful for those who have their mobile phone nearby when using their computer, as well as those using long, complicated passwords.

Additionally, the system is expected to help cut down on phishing.

Google Begins Testing Password-Free Logins [Tech Crunch]

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