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Walmart Adding Chase Pay As An Online, In-App Payment Option

Despite the fact that Walmart already offers its own mobile payment system, the retailer is opening up doors to other forms of digital payments in an effort to cut costs on processing electronic transactions. [More]


Wells Fargo Set To Launch Its Own Digital Wallet On Android Devices

Retailers, tech companies, wearable makers, and banks have been clamoring to create and launch digital wallets that allow consumers to make payments with the tap of a phone. Today, Wells Fargo is reportedly poised to throw its hat into this arena. [More]

Amazon Files Patent For Pay-By-Selfie System

Amazon Files Patent For Pay-By-Selfie System

MasterCard may have rolled out its new “selfie” verification system last month, but it’s not the only company to take consumers’ love of self portraits and turn it into a way to make money. To that end, Amazon recently filed a patent for a so-called selfie pay system.  [More]