Shoplifting Suspects Back Into Kohl’s Security Guard, Customer’s Stroller

Two suspected shoplifters at a Kohl’s store near Pittsburgh were trying to flee the parking lot and back out of their parking space, and did something that they probably didn’t intend: they backed the vehicle into a store security guard who had pursued them into the parking lot…then into a stroller that contained a 3-year-old and a 6-week-old.

The children and the security officer weren’t harmed in the altercation, but the suspects’ backing up into a store employee and a stroller made the incident more alarming and newsworthy. It’s also why the police are more interested in catching up with the suspects than in your average clothing store shoplifting incident.

Police are looking for the driver, who will face charges four counts of recklessly endangering another person (for the guard, the mother, and both children), and also charges of retail theft and misdemeanor disorderly conduct.

“They started backing up, threatening to hit the [security guard], so I stopped,” the mother and owner of the stroller explained to WPXI (auto-play video at that link). “But she did keep backing up and that’s when she did make contact with the stroller.” Fortunately, the car only bumped the stroller, but the mother said that the incident uncaged her inner “mama bear.” Understandably so.

Police ID suspected shoplifters who allegedly hit guard, baby stroller with car [WPXI] (Warning: auto-play video at that link)

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