Amazon Adding Starz, Showtime, A Bunch Of Other Tiny Streaming Services As Add-Ons To Prime Video

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 11.28.40 AMAs it was rumored, so it has now come to pass: starting today, a whole host of extra streaming channels are available for Amazon Prime subscribers to add to their plans.

There’s still no HBO Now or Netflix available through the online retailer; most of the services available for add-on are smaller, niche platforms like QelloConcerts, Lifetime Movie Club, or Comedy Central Stand-Up Plus. The highest-profile networks available are the streaming versions of premium channels Starz and Showtime, each of which will go for $9 per month through Amazon.

Hulu also offers Showtime for $9, but back in July Starz’s CEO said the network wasn’t interested in providing an option to non-cable-subscribers just yet. He did, however, leave open the option for the network to sign exactly this kind of online distribution deal. And clearly, the time to change that tune has come.

This is good news for those of us who perhaps only got through the first half of Outlander‘s first season during the last time we had access to Starz, and now can finally take a day off to finish the binge. Such as.

[via Re/Code]

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