T-Mobile Offering 128GB iPhone 6S For Price Of 16GB Model To AT&T Customers Who Jump Ship

T-Mobile continues to pick on the company it once planned to spend eternity with, once again launching a promotion intended to lure AT&T customers away to the pugnacious little wireless provider.

Starting tomorrow, current AT&T customers who are willing to flee the Death Star for the magenta-sand shores of T-Mobile can get a 128GB iPhone 6S for the price of the standard 16GB model, a discount of around $200. T-Mobile is also trying to sweeten the deal by throwing in discounts on accessories for AT&T ship-jumpers.

If you’re making the switch, be aware that the $200 price difference between the two phones is paid in the form of credit applied to your T-Mo bill within 90 days.

Customers still in contract with AT&T are eligible for up to $650/line to cover the cost of early termination fees. AT&T Next subscribers who aren’t technically in contract but can’t change service without paying off the balance owed on their phone can also get reimbursed by T-Mo. Either way, you would need to trade in your old phone to T-Mobile.

The company says the offer isn’t just for AT&T postpaid customers, but also for users of the company’s GoPhone and Cricket prepaid services.

Right now, T-Mo has put a Dec. 13 end date on the offer. The company says some sort of “gift” offer is forthcoming next week for current Verizon customers.

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