RadioShack Starts Black Friday On Wednesday Because Why Not

Let’s get this out of the way: RadioShack still exists. While the chain declared bankruptcy and sold or liquidated all of its stores, they sold the brand along with about half of their leases to lender Standard General. That leaves about 1,700 SprintShack-owned stores with their doors still open and stocked with gadgets to sell, some of which may not even be Sprint mobile phones.

While the chain is opening on Thanksgiving Day for a few hours, as they did last year under the old ownership, they’re trying to attract attention by declaring that the shopping holiday actually opens for them on Wednesday. Sure, why not?

“We know the past year has been difficult on the RadioShack community, with our shelves recently missing that one-off electronics component, cable or connector you needed or that mini-drone you were searching for,” new CEO Ron Garriques said in the company’s holiday press release. “But now we are stronger than ever and fully restocked with over 20 million new units and proud to return to our roots as the neighborhood source for affordable and cutting edge electronics.”

In other words: RadioShack has stuff again, and some of that stuff is drones. Please come visit.

Check with your local store, but it will probably be open a little longer on Wednesday to accommodate that Black Wednesday sale, and stores will also be open from 8 AM to 1 PM on Thanksgiving Day. We’re not sure who wants to be at any electronics store at 8 AM on Thanksgiving Day, but apparently there is someone who does.

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