Pizza Hut Delivery Guy Comforts Customer After She Takes A Spill

When you’re home alone, perhaps the thought has crossed your mind: “What happens if I hurt myself and no one is here to help me?” In the case of one Pizza Hut customer in Arizona who fell while waiting for her order, help came in the form of a pizza delivery man.

The 69-year-old woman lives with her daughter and son-in-law, who had gone out for dinner last week, reports the Apache Junction/Gold Canyon News. She was reaching for her purse to fetch payment for her Pizza Hut order when she caught her toe on a drop cloth and fell to her floor, landing on her face.

“I tried to relax but I landed on my chest or nose. This is a very hard tile floor,” she says. “There was blood everywhere. I was in a lot of pain. I knew I was hurt.”

She called her daughter, but didn’t want to call an ambulance because she was worried her insurance wouldn’t cover it. Despite her pain, she crawled over to the screen door to unlock it for the delivery man. When he arrived, he offered to wait with her, she said.

“I was crying the whole time,” she recalled. “Trevor offered to put the wings in the fridge and get me water. He sat next to me and was very calm. He told me he plays softball and knows what it’s like to get hurt.”

Her daughter called and the delivery man answered, explaining who he was and saying he wouldn’t leave the woman by herself.

“He was so calm and relaxed. I thought, here’s this stranger in my house,” her daughter said. “He could have done anything. But he stayed next to her on the couch. I was so thankful.”

When the woman’s daughter and son-in-law got home, the Pizza Hut worker helped them get her in the car to take her to the hospital. As it turns out, she’d broken her humeral neck at her shoulder and arm joint.

In the end, the delivery guy refused to take the tip she offered him.

“It’s the human thing to do. I just happened to be there,” he said.

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