Indiegogo And Brookstone To Team Up To Make Even More Cool, Useless Gadgets

In decades past, if you wanted to find gadgets that solve problems you never realized existed until just now, you had to leave your house and go to a Brookstone store, or send away for a catalog. Today, you can surf gadgets that are so fresh that they don’t really exist yet on crowdfunding sites, and Brookstone is teaming up with crowdfunding platform Indiegogo to give inventors logistical support, and perhaps improve Brookstone’s pipeline of fresh new ideas.

As we’ve seen in many cases of crowdfunded projects that didn’t work out on this site, the world is full of creative people, but the part where you actually manufacture and ship a new product is really difficult, especially for first-time entrepreneurs. Brookstone, meanwhile, is a company that already has relationships with manufacturers of unusual things.

“Engineering, packaging, retail and wholesale distribution-these are the things at which Brookstone is expert,” Brookstone’s CEO said in a statement. “The job of the Brookstone Launch program is to speed up development and delivery time, and to help Indiegogo campaigners realize the most opportunities from their ideas.”

Items produced through the partnership will then be sold in Brookstone stores, presumably benefiting everyone involved.

Indiegogo Forms New Partnership With Brookstone [Crowdfund Insider]

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