Bloomingdale’s Apologizes For Ad Suggesting You Should Secretly Get Your Friend Drunk

Image courtesy of (Imgur)

You know what’s kind of funny and cute? In the movies when two best friends are standing near a punch bowl at a lame party and they’re like, haha, let’s put some whiskey in our punch glasses to liven this thing up. You know what some people find not so adorable? A retailer suggesting you get your friend drunk without them knowing it by spiking the egg nog, possibly so you can take advantage of said friend. Cue an apology from Bloomgindale’s.

A holiday ad posted to Imgur yesterday and spotted by Tech Insider appears to encourage a well-dressed young man to spike the drink of a well-dressed young lady looking away from him, with the caption: “Spike your best friend’s egg nog when they’re not looking.”

Wait… she’s not looking at him — does that mean he’s thinking of slipping something into her non-alcoholic drink? Here’s the full ad:

Sure, maybe the woman isn’t the guy’s best friend, and it’s someone else not in the picture. Or maybe she’s going to spike HIS egg nog. Either way, over-serving anyone to get them into your arms and possibly your bed is not a good message.

Bloomingdale’s agreed, issuing an apology for the ad:

“In reflection of recent feedback, the copy we used in our recent catalog was inappropriate and in poor taste. Bloomingdales’ sincerely apologizes for this error in judgment,” a representative told Tech Insider.

Bloomingdale’s apologizes for approving this ‘inappropriate’ ad in its new holiday catalog [Tech Insider]

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