JustFab Is Reviewing Just What Makes So Many Customers Angry

justfab_headerAny company with millions of customers will have some customer service problems and complaints: where a company succeeds or fails is in how they respond to and resolve those problems. JustFab is a controversial company with roots in sketchy diet supplement and wrinkle-cream businesses, and JustFab representatives claim that they’re working really hard to resolve consumer complaints that they blame on rapid growth. Can their way of making sales ever become consumer-friendly?

We’re not sure whether that’s the case. How the sites in the JustFab family work is that every month there’s an item of the month––an outfit or a pair of shoes––that their “VIP” members will be billed for if they don’t log in and opt out of receiving it during the first five days of the month.

A customer might be drawn in with a single item that looks interesting, and end up signing up for a VIP membership (note: there is no less important tier of membership) when the price and terms aren’t disclosed until well into the checkout process. Memberships are difficult to cancel, and some combination of these factors is what has led to most of the thousands of complaints filed against the company. JustFab paid $1.8 million to settle a consumer protection lawsuit over these issues a year ago.

“When you’re bringing in hundreds of thousands of new customers a month, you’re not going to get everything right,” one of the company’s co-CEOs explained to Bloomberg Business. He conceded that maybe they will consider making a way to cancel through the website possible, but the reason why they would force customers to call in is to talk them out of canceling.

JustFab Is Reviewing Customer Service Practices as Complaints Pile Up [Bloomberg]

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