Report: T-Mobile May Let Customers Stream Video Without Eating Into Their Data Plans

Maybe you’ve had that moment, the one where you’re 47 minutes deep in a Star Trek: The Next Generation binge session on your phone (because you can’t be bothered to find a larger screen) and you suddenly realize you haven’t switched over to WiFi. Visions of your swiftly dwindling data plan may no longer dance in front of your eyes at such times if you’re a T-Mobile customer, if a new rumor proves to be true.

The Un-Carrier is reportedly going to announce that streaming video on apps like Netflix and HBO will no longer ding customers’ data plans, according to Tweet from tech journalist Evan Blass (h/t The Verge):

This is already the case for T-Mobile’s Music Freedom perk, which allows customers to stream music from Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play Music and Soundcloud without any effect on their data plans.

It’s unclear if only HBOGo and Netflix will be included in the reported new perk or if other services will also have punishment-free streaming. Again, at this point this is just the buzz around the water cooler — T-Mobile has yet to comment officially on the report. We’ll keep our ears open on Nov. 10, the date of T-Mobile’s Uncarrier X event.

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