The Sale Event For PepsiPerfect Was Deeply Flawed



A few weeks ago, we shared the fun news Pepsi would be making a collectible version of the fictional “PepsiPerfect” from the Back to the Future movies. It would be released today, at midnight, for $20.15. Sounds fun, and fans planned to wait by their computers for the release time. Not only was the run very limited, but the sale reportedly went live early, making them sell out even earlier than anticipated.

As of this writing, there are 894… no, 895 reviews up on Amazon, where the product sold, with an average review of one and a half stars. Even one of the most popular positive reviews, with four stars, is a complaint about how Amazon would not ship the collectible internationally.

“Releasing a popular product that was waiting 30 years for us, just 40 minutes early…on the 20th,” wrote one Amazon reviewer. “And it’s sold out. I had to add to carts, but keeps rejecting check-out options. Very disappointed in this release.”

There’s no good news from Pepsi for disappointed fans: they made this one batch of 6,500 bottles, and that’s all. “We delivered on our promise to fans this morning,” a Pepsi spokesperson told CBS News, “and PepsiPerfect sold out faster than we can say 1.21 Gigawatts.”

What are customers supposed to do if they don’t even have an ’80s nostalgia café nearby to have a Pepsi Perfect in a fountain glass?

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