GM Plans To Equip A Cadillac With “Super Cruise” Autonomous Feature Next Year

Not one to be left in the dust by Tesla, Toyota, Apple, Google and other companies working to put autonomous vehicles on the road, General Motors says it has “aggressive” plans for its own self-driving car. 

GM, which has worked with scientists from Carnegie Mellon University in the past, anticipates making strides in the autonomous arena as soon as next year, WIRED reports.

The carmaker’s plans next year include introducing a fleet of “robo-Volts” on the roads of its technical campus and equipping an unspecified Cadillac with a semiautonomous feature called “Super Cruise” that enables a car to handle itself in certain situations.

GM CEO Mary Barra says the company has several advantages up its sleeve when it comes to the self-driving car race: for one thing, she says the company’s technical center in Detroit – which features 11 miles of roadway and mimics an urban area – provides the perfect testing ground for autonomous vehicles.

“We’ll leverage that,” Barra told WIRED. “There’s so much you learn by actually doing.”

Barra also apparently isn’t concerned that other car and tech companies will make it to the finish line first, noting that GM “has a lead” when it comes to embedded connectivity.

While the company hasn’t set specific target dates for the Volt fleet or the super cruise-enabled Cadillac, Barra tells Wired, “we’re gonna move aggressively.”

GM Has ‘Aggressive’ Plans for Self-Driving Cars [WIRED]

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