Sprint Will Raise Cost Of Unlimited Plans By $10 This Month

If you find Sprint’s deal offering unlimited voice, text, and data usage for $60 per month tempting and Sprint coverage in your area is good, you should go ahead and switch right now. Sprint is raising the price for new customers by $10 on October 15, but it will remain the cheapest unlimited postpaid plan in the country even after the price hike.

Yes, Boost Mobile’s unlimited plan costs $60, and Straight Talk’s costs $45, but those are both prepaid carriers and Boost is actually part of Sprint. T-Mobile’s unlimited plan costs $80. If you’re looking for a new iPhone and have a new enough model to trade in, you can rent a new iPhone 6S for as little as $1 per month. That might offset the price increase a little bit.

You might like having “unlimited” data on principle, even if your carrier practices “throttling,” or slowing data down past a given limit when you’re using too much for their network. Unlimited everything might draw you in, but it’s hard to rack up hundreds of minutes’ worth of calls if Sprint doesn’t work in your home or office.

Check your monthly average data usage: if it’s a few gigabytes or less, don’t bother with an unlimited plan. There’s no need to buy a ticket to an all-you-can-eat buffet when all you want is an ice cream sundae.

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