Woman Takes Out Newspaper Ad To Find Fellow Walmart Shoppers She Credits With Saving Her Life

If you recently performed CPR on a woman who suffered a seizure and collapsed in the frozen food aisle at a Colorado Walmart, the person you helped is trying to find you and offer her thanks. She’s taken out an ad in her local newspaper in an attempt to thank whoever saved her life.

“THANK YOU,” the message reads in the Summit Daily News begins, according to CBS Denver. “To the woman at Walmart who saved my life, and whoever performed CPR.”

When she collapsed to the ground last month in the Frisco Walmart, other shoppers in the Walmart told emergency dispatchers that she wasn’t breathing and had turned blue.

A mystery shopper heard a page over the store’s intercom asking for any Walmart employees with medical skills to report to the frozen food aisle, and ran to help, witnesses said, performing CPR on the woman.

Emergency personnel responding to the scene took over emergency care a few moments later, and the shopper was taken to the hospital. She credits the unknown shopper for saving her life.

“They are my angel. I just want to find this person and the other shoppers who called 911 and stayed by my side and thank them for helping me,” she told CBS Denver.

Woman Uses Newspaper Ad To Search For Shopper Who Saved Her Life [CBS Denver]

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