Walmart Knocks $1 Off Price Of 2-Year-Old Gaming Computer, Adds 44 Of Something

Image courtesy of (Reddit)

Sure, most people in search of the finest gaming computer that $1,200 can buy wouldn’t head to Walmart, but that apparently doesn’t stop Walmart from stocking this machine from Alienware. As all lovers of obsolete technology know, Walmart is the place to go for that sort of thing. What this computer lacks in age, it makes up for in strangeness.



After spotting the image on Reddit, we did the responsible journalistic thing and wrote to Alienware asking what a “44” is. They actually answered, saying that the “44” is a misprint on Walmart’s part, and that the item really should be marked down so someone will actually buy it. (Our words, not theirs.)

It’s possible that the photo is old, maybe dating to the summer of 2013 when a $1 rollback on this computer would have been a reasonable price, if not a really great sale. (Update: Readers have pointed out that zooming in on the image shows that this sign was printed in 2014.) Now the computer isn’t even available as a clearance item on Alienware or Dell’s site, though some third-party Amazon sellers have it available for as little as $850.

Forget consoles and custom built rigs, this alienware has a whole 44! [PC Master Race/Reddit]

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