Wendy’s Brings Back Pulled Pork Sandwich To Close Out Summer Of Fast-Food Pulled Pork

Wendys-BBQ-Pulled-Pork-FriesFor a while, it looks like this might be the Summer of Pulled Pork. Or like pulled pork would be the new bacon. There would be some very headline-friendly thing that would happen with pulled pork. Some regional chains picked up the trend, but now Wendy’s is only jumping on the porkwagon at the end of the traditional barbecue season, bringing back their pulled pork sandwich and fries. Yes, fries.

We saw McDonald’s test a limited-time pork sandwich in at least one market, and Burger King produced an extra-long version on a Yumbo bun. Other regional chains also joined in, though: McAlister’s Deli came out with a whole end-of-summer pulled pork menu, Bojangles brought one out in mid-July, and Quiznos toasted a pulled pork sub back in June.

Does all of this make 2015 the Summer of Pulled Pork? That depends on whether any of these offerings were any good. Pulled pork is hard to pull off on a massive scale, and larger chains apparently had a harder time making anything that wasn’t BBQ mush.

BBQ Pulled Pork Returns to Wendy’s [Brand Eating]

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