Norwegian Company Live Streaming 11-Month Caviar Aging Process

If you’re the kind of person who enjoyed watching 11 hours of brisket cooking and is looking for your next challenge, you might want to slip into some extra soft pants and prepare yourself for a real food marathon: A Norwegian company is live streaming footage of barrels of caviar aging over 11 months.

Food company Mills will have “Mills kaviar – Super Slow TV” airing on its YouTube channel live, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with footage showing a room filled with barrels.

The slow broadcast started on Aug. 19 and will run through July 19, 2016 (totaling 7,392 hours), at which point the roe will be sufficiently matured, and “ready to take its next step on its journey towards the breakfast tables of thousands of Norwegians.”

“Observe every step of the process — and experience how time passes — as the roe slowly matures for months,” says another video from Mills about the project

On the edge of your seat yet? No? Well, there’s one high point mentioned by Mills to look forward to: Barrels will get turned upside down after a few months(!).

The idea was inspired by a quirky movement in Norway that has seen other “Slow TV” projects become a hit, including several hours of knitting, 12 hours of a fire being built and 100 hours of people playing chess.

At the moment of this writing, I was the only person watching the room. And I have to say, the caviar barrels really don’t do much. They just sit there, like the inanimate objects filled with fish eggs that they are.

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