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Lawsuit Claims Tesla’s “Insane Mode” Not Insane Enough

There are definitions for terms like “horsepower” and “torque,” but last we checked the auto industry has yet to finalize a standard for what constitutes an “insane” or “ludicrous” driving mode. Despite that lack of consensus, a number of Tesla owners say the automaker misled them, and that their Model S vehicles are not so speedy as to be certifiably insane.  [More]

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Norwegian Company Live Streaming 11-Month Caviar Aging Process

If you’re the kind of person who enjoyed watching 11 hours of brisket cooking and is looking for your next challenge, you might want to slip into some extra soft pants and prepare yourself for a real food marathon: A Norwegian company is live streaming footage of barrels of caviar aging over 11 months. [More]

This is a person on a Segway. (pbm.)

Norway Marks The Legalization Of Segways With First Drunk-While-Segwaying Arrest

As my cool cousin Charlie once said, laws are made to be broken, man. That’s certainly true in Norway, where someone already got arrested for driving a Segway while under the influence of alcohol a month after the country legalized the electric scooters. This is why you can’t have nice things, Norway. [More]

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Truckload Of Flaming Cheese Shuts Down Norwegian Highway

For five days, hot toxic gases filled the air near a highway in Norway after the contents of a truckload caught fire in a tunnel. The hot temperatures were too dangerous for highway personnel to approach: one told reporters that the material could be “almost like [gasoline] if it gets hot enough.” What was in the truck? Carmelized goat cheese. [More]

Dear HSBC, I Promise I'm In Norway

Dear HSBC, I Promise I'm In Norway

Listen, HSBC Fraud Department, we need to talk. We know it sounds like a joke, but Phil is actually in Norway. We’re sure people call all the time and navigate your byzantine series of computer menus just to tell you hilariously absurd lies like “I’m leaving the country, here’s my forwarding contact information.” We’re sure labeling every foreign transaction as potential fraud isn’t nearly as fun as caring about the part of Phil’s account notes where it says “Travel advisory: In Norway.” The one joy of this endless runaround, the one nugget worth sharing, is that every time you flag a transaction, Phil gets to call you collect, and calling international collect makes a huge difference…


The Norwegian food safety authority suprise-inspected Norway’s “largest erotic chain store” and determined it was violating food labeling laws by not including nutritional info on things like penis-shaped pasta and edible panties. [Reuters]

IKEA Opens Hostel For Shoppers Who Just Can't Bear To Leave

IKEA Opens Hostel For Shoppers Who Just Can't Bear To Leave

If you plan on shopping at the Oslo IKEA any time soon, don’t worry about how you’ll get home. You can sleep there, according to the Guardian.