Couple Says Taco Bell Nachos Came With Extra, Unwanted Crunch: A Fake Fingernail

(Fox 13 News)

(Fox 13 News)

Here’s to hoping you’ve already eaten your lunch, because if you haven’t, you might want to do that first. We can all appreciate a crunchy serving of chips, cheese and tasty toppings, but one Florida couple says that their Taco Bell nachos came with an added bit of texture in the form of a long, acrylic fingernail at the bottom of their order.

A woman and her boyfriend had ordered nachos in the Taco Bell drive-thru on Monday night, as she tells Fox 13 News that the chain serves her “favorite food.” At least, it used to be her favorite.

Once she’d gotten to the bottom of her triple-layered nachos — a replacement for a wrong order — she claims she found a full-length, French-tip acrylic fingernail consorting with the beans.

“It’s gross. I puked,” the woman told the news station.

When they called the location to complain, the couple says the manager gave them the wrong number to Taco Bell’s Corporate office.

“I was a manager at a McDonald’s for four years. If we had anything like this happen — right then, right there, when they called back in — we would have shut service down and investigated it,” the woman’s boyfriend said.

After the local media got involved, the couple said Taco Bell corporate’s office called and offered them $40 in gift cards. But they’ve sworn off eating at the chain for now, and at the very least, they’ll never frequent this particular location again.

Taco Bell’s corporate office told Fox 13 that it’s investigating the incident and will retrain staff if necessary. The company claims the couple accepted the gift cards, while the customers say they refused them and asked Taco Bell not to send them.

The twosome remains unsatisfied with the response so far.

“One of the things I’d really like is an apology from the Taco Bell corporation,” the boyfriend said.

Taco Bell nachos had unwelcome crunch, couple says [Fox 13 News]

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