Lawsuit Claims Unattended United Airlines Serving Cart Fell On, Injured Passenger

Anyone who’s left their elbow and knee in the airplane aisle knows — getting bumped by the beverage cart isn’t a pleasant experience. But one couple who flew on a United Airlines flight from Hawaii to Japan say in a new lawsuit that their flight crew left a service cart unsecured and on its own in the aisle, claiming that it fell on the man, injuring his leg.

A married couple from Hawaii filed a federal lawsuit alleging that during dinner service, a flight attendant rolled a heavy serving cart next to the man’s seat in the emergency exit row, reports

The suit claims she walked away, and that the cart fell on him, injuring his left knee and leg. The lawsuit says he’s had to have three surgeries since the incident.

As a result, the lawsuit claims, the man “has suffered and continues to suffer serious physical and psychological injuries, including but not limited to extreme pain and suffering, mental anguish, emotional and mental distress relating to his injuries, loss of enjoyment of life, and special damages, including but not limited to medical care expenses, travel expenses, substitute services, all in amounts to be determined and proven at the time of trial.”

The lawsuit seeks a total of $75,000.

United Airlines issued a statement to KHON, saying it can’t comment on the situation.

“The safety of our customers is paramount to our business, however, we cannot comment on pending litigation,” a spokeswoman said.

Hawaii couple sues United Airlines, claims unattended serving cart fell on leg []

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