Sprint Will Rent You An iPhone Forever For $22 Per Month, Totally Not A Contract

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iphone4evaDo you itch to replace your iPhone as soon as a new one is announced? Do you only live and travel in areas where the Sprint network is acceptably strong? If so, Sprint’s new “iPhone Forever” plan may be for you: it allows you to upgrade your phone whenever you feel like it, as long as you choose a newer iPhone model than the one you had before.

This isn’t anything new, of course: Sprint began its “iPhone for Life” program last year, which was part of a bundle with a two-year contract. Now Sprint is joining its competitors in offering phone leasing and payment programs, trying to wean people off phone subsidies. The iPhone Forever program is just a variation on that which simplifies the plan pricing, and offers a discount to people trading in a phone.

The advertised pricing is $15 per month for people trading in a phone and $22 for people who aren’t, but that will only get you a 16 GB iPhone, which is not enough local storage space to be of much use. Upgrades to the storage space or getting the larger iPhone 6 Plus will increase your monthly payment.

One thing that isn’t spelled out clearly: what happens if you lose or damage your phone? Sprint makes it clear that customers are responsible for finding their own insurance coverage, which Sprint will probably be happy to sell to you for a convenient upcharge.

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