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William Hook

Sprint Reserves The Right To Hike Your Rental Price In ‘iPhone Forever’ Plan

Sprint’s “iPhone Forever” plan sounds pretty simple: you pay a monthly fee, and have access to the latest model straight out of Cupertino whenever you want to upgrade. The “forever” part means that this plan is indefinite, and that the price of $22 per month ($15 if you trade in your old smartphone) is something that you get to keep as long as you belong to the plan, right? Well, no. [More]

This guy is for sale.

Sprint Will Rent You An iPhone Forever For $22 Per Month, Totally Not A Contract

Do you itch to replace your iPhone as soon as a new one is announced? Do you only live and travel in areas where the Sprint network is acceptably strong? If so, Sprint’s new “iPhone Forever” plan may be for you: it allows you to upgrade your phone whenever you feel like it, as long as you choose a newer iPhone model than the one you had before. [More]