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Samsung Reportedly Getting Into The Direct Phone-Leasing Business As Well

Samsung Reportedly Getting Into The Direct Phone-Leasing Business As Well

Maybe the mobile phone industry is finally coming to understand what consumers want. What many of us want is to have the newest and shiniest flagship smartphone, and then cast that phone aside when another phone that is shinier comes along a year later. Forget two-year contracts: why don’t we just rent the darn things? Carriers like Sprint are doing this, and Apple itself has joined the rental party. Why not Samsung’s Android handsets, too? [More]

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Why Don’t Device Manufacturers Just Start Leasing Phones To Consumers?

When phone carriers like Sprint and T-Mobile are happy to rent phones to customers, and Apple is the one phone manufacturer with its own network of stores to sell phones directly to consumers, what’s there to stop Apple from just leasing phones to customers directly? Even carriers would like this idea better, since they could sell iPhone leases instead of needing to buy them from Apple first. Everyone wins… but would consumers like this idea? [More]

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Sprint Will Rent You An iPhone Forever For $22 Per Month, Totally Not A Contract

Do you itch to replace your iPhone as soon as a new one is announced? Do you only live and travel in areas where the Sprint network is acceptably strong? If so, Sprint’s new “iPhone Forever” plan may be for you: it allows you to upgrade your phone whenever you feel like it, as long as you choose a newer iPhone model than the one you had before. [More]