Google Maps For iOS Adds Night Mode To Make It Easier To Navigate After Dark

There’s nothing quite like the white glare of your phone’s map app to annoy a driver at nighttime. Which is why Google Maps for iOS will now include a “night mode” with a darker background, making it easier for drivers to navigate in the dark.

Android users may have already experienced Night Mode in the past few years, TechCrunch notes, but this is a first for iOS users.

nightmodeIt could be a welcome relief to tired eyes: the idea of a darker display is that it could help improve your driving experience as your eyes won’t have to adjust between a bright, white map and the darker road ahead.

Night Mode is fully automatic, which means you won’t have to turn anything on when evening falls, and won’t see the darker display during the day. It’s only available in the turn-by-turn navigation mode, however, so don’t expect to see it in the default maps display.

This doesn’t come as a huge surprise — Google owns Waze, which is super popular among iOS users, and has night mode. And again, Android users are probably pfffting this news right about now. But for you iOS users, welcome to the light. Err, the dark.

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