Google Begins Testing Buy Button On Select Mobile Searches

Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 3.20.59 PMGoogle has finally made good on those reports that it would simplify the smartphone shopping experience by allowing users to simply hit a “buy button” to complete a transaction straight from sponsored search results, rather than toggling between retailer websites. Today, the company announced it is officially testing what it calls Purchases.

Mashable reports that Google updated several of its mobile shopping components on Wednesday, including the new buttons – which appear as either “Buy on Google” or “Checkout” – expected to increase the company’s rivalry with other online marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon.

Google says in a blog post that by testing Purchases on Google, it aims to help retailers boost engagement and sales through mobile devices. Currently, the company estimates that customers are two times more likely to make a purchase on a retailers’ website on a desktop computer versus a mobile device.

The new feature works when shoppers use their mobile device to search for a product. In Google’s example, the individual is shopping for a “women’s hoodies.” When the search results appear, the shopper may see an ad that includes the “Buy on Google” or “Checkout” option.

Once the ad has been clicked on, the consumers is taken to a retailer-branded product page hosted by Google. The checkout process can then be completed with saved payment information on Google Account.

While the entire transaction will take place on a Google page, the products will continue to be provided by and sold from actual retailers. Additionally, Google will provide customers the same option to opt into marketing programs – such as emails and discounts – that would traditionally be seen on the retailers’ website.

The tech company says that participating retailers will only pay for a clicks on the shopping ads to the product page; clicks and interactions made on the product page are free for the retailers.

“Although we’re still in early experiments with a limited number of retailers, we see Purchases on Google as a big step towards helping retailers drive more mobile conversions and win more customers,” the company says in its blog post.

In addition to adding buy buttons for select search results, Google has also begun working with a select group of global retailers including eBay, Flipkart and Zalando to encourage consumers to use their shopping apps.

Google will add “deep links to [partner] apps right in their shopping ads, driving people straight to their mobile app instead of their website.”

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