America’s Biggest Companies React To SCOTUS’ Same-Sex Marriage Ruling

While it might not seem like there’s a direct link to same sex marriage and our country’s biggest businesses, even before the Supreme Court of the United States ruled today that marriage is a constitutional right for any American, many major companies came out in support of same-sex marriage, saying those rights help them do business better. Today, some of those companies — and more — spoke out in celebration of the landmark ruling.

American Airlines: “We’re on board. Diversity strengthens us all & today we celebrate #MarriageEquality & the landmark #SCOTUS decision.”

United Airlines: “Today’s historic ruling is a long-awaited victory for all those who chose to take a stand for marriage equality, and we applaud the Supreme Court for affording same-sex couples the respect and dignity they deserve under the law. At United, we foster an inclusive culture where employees are accepted, valued and treated fairly, and we remain committed to proudly serving the diverse customers who fly with us.”

Google/YouTube: “The United States took a step in the right direction today. #ProudToLove”

Though Apple isn’t on Twitter, CEO Tim Cook is: “Today marks a victory for equality, perseverance and love.”

Twitter Open: “This is a monumental day for equal rights. Join the celebration by using the new Twitter emoji #Pride and #LoveWins”

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella: “A historic moment and step forward for equality in America. #LoveWins”

General Electric: “SCOTUS for marriage equality: A historic decision & the right one in the ongoing fight for equal rights. #LoveWins”

Johnson & Johnson: “#JNJ supports the #SCOTUS decision for #MarriageEquality in the U.S.:”

JetBlue: “Love is in the air. #LetFreedomWing #SCOTUSMarriage #MarriageEquality”

AT&T: “#LoveIsLove”

Coca-Cola: “It’s now official. Love is love is love. #LoveWins”

Pepsi: “Cheers, America! #LoveWins”

Starbucks: “Proud. #LoveWins”

MasterCard: “Love matters. Happiness matters. #AcceptanceMatters #Marriage #Equality”

Visa: “Love. Accepted everywhere.”

Maytag: “Here’s to finding the one who completes you. #SCOTUSMarriage”

Ben & Jerry’s: “How #MarriageEquality became a reality in the United States! #LoveWins”

The company also announced its temporarily rebranding its chocolate chip cookie dough flavor to “I Dough, I Dough”:

Hilton Hotels: “From sea to shining sea. Let’s celebrate #equality!#SCOTUS”

Target: “Here’s to having, holding and marrying who you love. #takepride #SCOTUSMarriage”

Macy’s: “From this day forward… #loveislove”

Sears: “Love is love. #LoveWins”

Kmart: “Love is love. #LoveWins”

Staples: “MAKE equality HAPPEN #LoveWins”

Gap: “Equality is always in style. We’ve been proud supporters since #1969. #LoveWins #Pride2015 #LetsDoMore”

Kellogg’s: “Kellogg’s congratulates LGBT Americans on Marriage Equality! #LoveWins”

Square: “Today is a good day.”

Miller Lite: “As long as you are you, #ItsMillerTime. #Equality #MarriageEquality #LoveWon #LoveWins”

Uber: “It is so ordered. #LoveWins”

According to Seth Fiegerman of Mashable, Uber’s app now shows cars with rainbow flags as well:

David Williams, Intuit’s Chief Tax Officer and Executive Director of the Intuit Tax and Financial Center also weighed in, noting that marriage will provide same-sex couples with much easier tax preparations:

“Today, the Supreme Court ruled that denying marriage licenses to same-sex couples violates the Constitution. The ruling will have profound impacts on millions of same-sex couples in the 13 states, which currently prohibit same-sex marriage. In addition to being able to marry and receive tax benefits that were previously denied to them, the ruling also significantly reduces the burden for couples to prepare their taxes. Where previously, they might have had to prepare as many as five tax returns to comply with federal and state requirements, they will now only have to prepare two.”

We’ll keep updating the list as the day goes on — if you spot other companies reacting to the news, feel free to email us at

In March, some of the above companies signed an amicus brief filed in the in the matter of Obergefell v. Hodges, saying bans on gay marriage caused low employee morale and were bad for business.

“The burden imposed by inconsistent and discriminatory state laws of having to administer complicated schemes to account for differential treatment of similarly situated employees breeds unnecessary confusion, tension, and diminished employee morale,” the brief read.

Though many companies don’t have a direct stake in same sex marriage, they argued that if the court decided to allow each state to decide for itself about marriage equality, “the costs and uncertainty imposed by inconsistent state marriage laws will only continue,” while establishing equality as the law of the land would “reduce current costs, administrative burden, and diversion of resources from our core businesses.”

Companies who joined the brief included: Comcast, Coca-Cola, Aetna, Amazon, American Express, Apple, Citigroup, DirecTV, eBay, General Mills, Google, JetBlue, Marriott, MillerCoors, the New England Patriots, NIKE, the San Francisco Giants, Tampa Bay Rays, Verizon, Visa, Twitter, Prudential, Facebook, Staples, Office Depot, Disney and hundreds more businesses.

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