Drug-Sniffing Dogs Find Shipping Container Full Of Cocaine-Stuffed Shrimp

We are fairly certain that cocaine-stuffed shrimp is not a Guyanese delicacy. That’s how 268 kilograms of cocaine arrived in a shipping container at a port in Brooklyn, though. Law enforcement followed the delivery to a warehouse in Queens and arrested a man in the seafood business, who claims that he had nothing to do with the shipment.

The stuffed-shrimp scheme was revealed thanks to the hard-working noses of drug-sniffing dogs. Federal agents confiscated the shrimp but had the container delivered to its real destination, a warehouse in Brooklyn, where it was addressed to a man who doesn’t exist.

According to the New York Daily News, Homeland Security agents followed the container to the warehouse to see who claimed it. They observed the man who they arrested as part of a group “organizing and supervising the unloading” of the container.

An employee of the seafood shipping business told federal agents that the shipment was addressed to a fake name that is an alias that the business owner uses. The complaint did not specify who owns or rents the warehouse where the container was delivered.

The seafood business owner, for his part, claims that he just happened to be standing there, and was curious about what was inside the container.

Federal agents find $12 million worth of cocaine inside shrimp at Red Hook Terminal [Daily News]

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