Subway Celebrates 50th Anniversary By Changing HQ Street Name To ‘Sub Way’

Subway, the seemingly ubiquitous sandwichery, turns 50 this year. Happy birthday, Subway! The company has decided to celebrate by renaming the Milford, Connecticut street where its headquarters is located in its own honor, and local government has agreed to the change. The new name: Sub Way. Of course.

The previous name of the street comes from one of its neighbors on the same stretch of road, a company that used to have a much bigger presence in the area than it does now. The street’s name is Bic Drive, after the Bic Corporation, whose headquarters used to be on the same street.

Confusingly, the name Sub Way will only be on the half-mile section where Subway’s headquarters is located: Bic asked to keep its name on the half-mile section of road where it still has a lighter factory.

There are expenses associated with an address change like this…for Subway’s neighbors, even when you’re only changing a half-mile section of the road. As part of the requirements to rename the street, the company agreed to bear the costs of changing the mailing addresses on neighboring companies’ stationery, signs, and any other items with pre-printed addresses that have to be changed.

Subway gets OK to change part of Bic Drive to `Sub Way’ [Milford Mirror] (Thanks, Alex!)

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