McDonald’s Shakin’ Flavor Seasoned Fries Popping Up In Ohio, Michigan

shakinflavorsIt seems McDonald’s is still on a customization kick: After testing seasoning packets for both fries and McNuggets in Nevada and California, the Shakin’ Flavors have popped up in northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan. Don’t hold your breath for these flavors to roll out nationwide, though, at least not quite yet.

Free seasoning packets are available with any purchase of fries in those regions, reports, with options of Garlic Parmesan, Zesty Ranch and Spicy Buffalo. That’s slightly different than the recent lineup in Nevada, which included Chipotle BBQ instead of Spicy Buffalo.

Although BurgerBusiness notes that these fries now occupy their own corner of the McDonald’s USA site with a call to “Customize Our World Famous Fries With Your Favorite Flavor,” perhaps suggesting a wider rollout, a spokesperson told the site that the Shakin’ Flavor Fries are a local limited-time offering, that at the moment isn’t slated for the big time.

If and when that happens, it’s likely that spicy buffalo flavor will win out over Chipotle BBQ, as the former is featured on McD’s promotional site, which serves no apparent purpose other than to list flavors with animated seasoned fries appearing when you click on them.

Customization has been one of McDonald’s rallying cries lately, as it seeks to lure customers in by giving them more control over what their food tastes like. It’s like cooking for yourself, if cooking for yourself means shaking seasoning packets over potatoes someone else fried for you.

And as we’ve pointed out before — shaking a bunch of stuff onto your fries is going to lead to having a bunch of stuff on your fingers, or all over your lap if you get a little too into the shaking part. Proceed with caution.

Consumerist reader Brian confirms that mess potential, writing that the flavor packets have been in the Dayton, OH area for a few weeks. He says they’re “very good” and that he personally recommends the ranch, “but they tend to clump up, so it’s a good idea to roll the packet around a bit before opening it.”

And because a seasoning packet without a shaking bag makes the whole job harder, Brian says to make sure to ask for one before you go, as he’s only gotten the bag without asking one out of four times. Even so, things can get messy.

“Just be warned — the shaking bag’s quality of seal leaves much to be desired,” Brian adds. “If someone is eating in their car they may want to actually shake the bag up while holding it out a window or outside of their car, unless they’re wanting a new scent for their interior. The bag that all the food comes in seems to fare a bit better than the shaking bag, honestly (that’s what I used until I discovered a shaking bag even existed).”

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