Google Issues First Monthly Report On Traffic Incidents Involving Its Self-Driving Cars

Before Google’s self-driving cars become an everyday reality for consumers, the company not only needs to test the vehicles extensively, but it also has to make sure the public isn’t put off over concerns that the technology is unsafe. Amid recent reports that they’ve already been in minor accidents, Google has now started releasing public reports detailing traffic incidents involving its driverless cars.

The first report [PDF] just came out, with information for the month of May and up through June 3 included, as well as data on all collisions before now.

Google says most of the reported incidents involve other cars rear-ending the driverless vehicles, while other collisions involved cars side-swiping Google vehicles or hitting them after failing to stop at stop signs, the reports says.

None of those prior accidents have been its car’s fault, Google says.

“In the six years of our project, we’ve been involved in 12 minor accidents during more than 1.8 million miles of autonomous and manual driving combined,” Google writes. “Not once was the self-driving car the cause of the accident.”

There will be more cars to report on soon, as well: Later this summer, Google’s newest prototypes will be heading for public roads near the company’s offices in Mountain View, CA.

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