Guy Stuck Forever With Video Evidence Of His Doomed McDonald’s Drive-Thru Marriage Proposal

When you close your eyes and think of the place where you might want something very, very romantic to happen, does that place have a distinct smell of fried food and perhaps a crackly voice coming over a PA asking if you want to make your meal a combo? Someone out there, sure, but it wasn’t the ideal scenario for one woman whose boyfriend posted the evidence of his drive-thru failure of a marriage proposal.

As one might expect when someone’s proposing with a chicken sandwich, things didn’t go so well for our brave protagonist. In the video’s description he says his inspiration for the proposal came from a joke his girlfriend made in the past about how he’d eventually propose to her in a chicken nugget box because he was bad at planning in advance — their first date had been at that same McDonald’s due to his ineptitude at planning.

“So I thought she would love when I surprised her this way,” he writes in the description. Spoiler alert: “She didn’t love it like the way I thought she would.”

He can now cringe along with everyone else for the rest of his life while watching the doomed proposal. Things start to go awry pretty much immediately after he directs her to check her bag thoroughly to make sure they haven’t put mayonnaise on her chicken sandwich… FINALLY! THE WORDS SHE HAS BEEN WAITING TO HEAR!

She complies and opens up the box. Then, she giggles, uncomfortably, while staring at the bedecked bun before her.

“Will you marry me?” he says into the palpable silence.

“This is a joke,” she says eventually a bit teary. “No… You’re not serious.”

Oh yes, he’s serious.

“You can’t ask me to marry you in a chicken sandwich,” she says, and he seems to finally accept this has all gone very wrong as she weeps into her hands.

(Don’t worry — there’s a lot more awkwardness packed in the three minutes after he pops the question, we wouldn’t want to spoil it ALL for you.)

He tells ninemsn that the proposal was filmed on May 19, but he just recently posted it to YouTube at his friends’ urging.

“It was a doofus move by me that but it wasn’t a tragedy,” he admits. “I couldn’t care less if people call me or dumb or not.”

All is not lost, however — he says they’ve agreed “to wait longer until it’s time to get engaged.”

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