Couple Watches As Four-Foot Snake Appears In Their Kitchen, Swallows An Egg Whole

Uninvited dinner guests can be quite inconvenient, especially when they slither in on their own and insist on devouring whole eggs without even a hello. A North Carolina couple had to gently convince their unexpected guest to leave after a snake made itself at home in their kitchen and tucked in to a basket of eggs.

A husband and wife in Charlotte were hanging out in their living room when they heard something fall off a shelf in the kitchen.

“I didn’t have to get very far over toward the kitchen to see what was going on,” the woman told, as it was immediately evident that a long — “four feet minimum” — rat snake was hanging from the spice shelf to the counter below, in an attempt to nab itself some dinner from a basket of fresh eggs.

They took a video of the incident, uttering things like “Holy s–t!” because that’s what you say when there’s a snake in your kitchen trying to swallow an egg whole. Don’t watch this if you are terrified of snakes or can’t handle hushed swearing:

After stopping the video, they watched the snake eat the egg, whereupon it fully descended onto the counter. It seemed like it wanted to go find a dark spot to hide and digest, the woman explains, but she and her husband didn’t want to let it get behind their fridge or anywhere else in the house to do that.

Instead, they managed to coax the snake out partway through a window — after arming themselves with brooms — and then help it all the way out. They think it came up through a hole in the laundry room, a hole that is now completely sealed.

“We are quite emphatic that said snake will be finding its own meals – outside – from now on,” she says.

VIDEO: Snake comes inside for a meal, swallows egg whole []

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