Hobby Lobby Misses Prime Opportunity For More Christmas Mashups

Hobby Lobby, a chain of craft and home decor chains, is infamous on this site for two things: being the first retailer to put out Christmas merchandise every year, and for taking advantage of that fact by making glorious “Nightmare Before Christmas” trees, or Christmas trees covered with beautiful fall leaves and acorns. That’s why we’re disappointed in them: if they’re going to get Christmas decorations out in May, why not double-celebrate other holidays too?

Dalton in Alabama sent along these pictures, which do not surprise us at all. Last year, the first sighting of Hobby Lobby’s Christmas department came on May 31. This year, it came on May 21. At this rate, before long they will be out before Easter.



For example, it’s Memorial Day weekend: why not create a tree honoring veterans covered with glittery camouflage ribbons and ornaments shaped like military transport vehicles? Why not honor Memorial Day or Independence Day with a tree decorated in patriotic colors?

We’re giving these ideas out for free here, craft retailers of the world.

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