Hobby Lobby Breaks New Christmas Creep Ground, Puts Out Decorations In May

The last time we noted the first display of Christmas decorations at Hobby Lobby was in 2010, when they first put out the decorative items in mid-June. That’s only about six months before the holiday, though: clearly they’ve been missing out on some sales. That’s why this year, the Christmas decorations are out before the end of May.


Reader Justin liberally decorated his e-mail to Consumerist with festive question marks. “Seriously??? Christmas creep before June??” he wrote. “Why even take it down at all?”

We normally give craft stores a pass when it comes to holiday items, since crafters want to start their cross-stitched Christmas stockings and hand-etched Festivus poles with a few months to spare. Hobby Lobby tends to sell traditional decorations, though, like pre-trimmed trees, ornaments, and the metallic balls and wall candy canes that you see in this photo.

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