Nevada’s Attorney General Is Investigating Cash4Laptops/Cash4iPhones

Last year, we shared two readers’ crappy experiences with the brand that does business under the names Cash4iPhones and Cash4Laptops. One had his offer for three phones cut by more than $900, and another received an offer of $263 for his phone and a check for $41. Our readers aren’t alone, of course, and the attorney general in the state of Nevada, where the company is based, is investigating them.

We learned this from CBS Sacramento’s Kurtis Ming, who was checking out the company on behalf of local viewers who had their own complaints. The Better Business Bureau has more than 1,700 complaints on file about the two sites’ parent company, eCycleBest, and the KHTK viewers’ issues were typical. One sent in an iPad after receiving a quote of $212, then actually got $31. Another was quoted $58 for his old iPhone, and got only seven bucks instead.

It’s fine if a device-buying site makes a different offer once they inspect the item closely. The problem is that if they say the customer has the right to reject the offer and get the device back, they actually have to do that. Both customers say that they weren’t able to get through to the company within the three-day cancellation window. The Nevada Attorney General has heard the same thing. If you’ve had a bad experience with this company, be sure to share it with their state’s AG so it can be part of their investigation.

Call Kurtis Investigates: Cash For Laptops And Cash For iPhones Under Investigation [CBS Sacramento]

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