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Nevada’s Attorney General Is Investigating Cash4Laptops/Cash4iPhones

Last year, we shared two readers’ crappy experiences with the brand that does business under the names Cash4iPhones and Cash4Laptops. One had his offer for three phones cut by more than $900, and another received an offer of $263 for his phone and a check for $41. Our readers aren’t alone, of course, and the attorney general in the state of Nevada, where the company is based, is investigating them. [More]

(Blake Patterson)

Cash4iPhones Offers $75, Changes To $8 After Receiving Phone

You might remember the name Cash4iPhones: we shared one reader’s conflict with them around the time of the last iPhone release. Consumers have two main complaints about this company. They claim that it sends high initial offers that plummet once your device is in their hands, and they are impossible to reach. [More]

(John Karakatsanis)

Cash4iPhones Provided Crappy Trade-In Offer For Samsung Galaxy Note, Too

Last week, we shared a reader’s story of trade-in woe from his experience trying to sell his old phone to the site The site also buys other electronics, like portable computers and mobile phones not made by Apple. Reader James reports that he received a very fair quote from the company, followed by an awful offer once the company had his phones in hand. [More]