Microsoft Putting Internet Explorer Brand Out Of Its Misery

It’s been a long, slow march toward the end, but now Internet Explorer as a brand is facing the executioner: Microsoft confirmed that it’s ditching the IE name for its upcoming browser, which is known as Project Spartan at the moment.

Microsoft’s marketing chief Chris Capossela spoke at Microsoft Convergance yesterday about the fate of the brand, reports The Verge, saying the company is now working on something new for the browser’s next iteration.

“We’re now researching what the new brand, or the new name, for our browser should be in Windows 10,” said Capossela. “We’ll continue to have Internet Explorer, but we’ll also have a new browser called Project Spartan, which is codenamed Project Spartan. We have to name the thing.”

Internet Explorer won’t be completely dead (just mostly), as it’ll dwell in some versions of Windows 10; but for the most part, Project Spartan will be the main way Windows 10 users will surf the web.

It seems whatever the new browser is named, it’ll likely have the word “Microsoft” in front of it, as that brand boosted the appeal over Internet Explorer for some users in researching the new name.

“Just by putting the Microsoft name in front of it, the delta for Chrome users on appeal is incredibly high,” says Capossela.

Microsoft is killing off the Internet Explorer brand [The Verge]

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