Chicago Suburbs To Get AT&T’s Gigabit Broadband; Comcast High-Speed Coming To Florida

Both Comcast and AT&T have announced the newest markets for their highest-speed residential broadband services, with people in the Chicago, Miami, and Jacksonville areas being the ones to benefit.

First up is AT&T’s Gigapower gigabit Internet, which the company announced yesterday will be coming to various communities around Chicago — to quote AT&T, the markets are “parts of Elgin, Oswego, Plainfield, Skokie, Yorkville and surrounding communities located throughout the metro area.”

The company says it intends to expand Gigapower into Chicago proper later this summer.

In terms of price, 1Gbps service will start at $120/month, with additional charges for TV and VoIP phone service. AT&T has been offering Gigapower for as low as $70 in some other markets, but only where it has competition from Google Fiber.

Down in South Florida, Comcast has announced that it will be bringing its Gigabit Pro, which promises download speeds at twice that of Google Fiber, to Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties.

Further north in Florida, the Jacksonville area will also be getting Gigabit Pro.

Comcast has not announced pricing for the service yet.

Following the Atlanta and San Francisco Bay area, Florida is the third Comcast market to get Gigabit Pro. It’s the first market that doesn’t have competition from either AT&T’s Gigapower or from Google Fiber.

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