Send Us Your Favorite (And Least Favorite) Punny Business Names

brewed_awakeningsIt started with a misdial. Specifically, a car repair business misdialed and reached my house instead, hanging up immediately. Checking out the number to make sure that there was no mixup, I learned that the business that had called me was a specialist repair shop for a make of car that I don’t own. Its name: The Saab Story.

Yes, that is a real business that specializes in Saabs. They aren’t the only “Saab Story” in the world, but the incident got us thinking around Consumerist’s virtual water cooler about punny business names. Sometimes they make you cringe, but if they didn’t amuse people and draw them in to a business, no one would bother with them. Right?

Send your favorites to with the subject line “PUNNY.”

Note: We’ll look for evidence that this business exists or once existed before sharing it, so don’t bother making up your own names or Photoshopping an existing sign.

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