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AAA: You’re All Wasting Billions Of Dollars On Premium Gas, So Stop It

The American Automobile Association has an important message for Americans: we’re all wasting billions of dollars every year on premium gasoline for vehicles that don’t actually need it, and we should stop. While high-octane gasoline is available everywhere and might make us feel like we’re doing something good for our cars, we actually aren’t. [More]

Avoid High Octane Gas To Save Money At The Pump

Avoid High Octane Gas To Save Money At The Pump

Those higher-octane gas choices sit there at the gas station, looking down their noses at you and daring you to throw down the extra cash in order to buy the very best for your car. But unless you drive a high-end vehicle with a manual that specifically recommends the higher-octane fuel, you’re most likely best off with regular unleaded. [More]