Apple Bans Selfie Sticks Ahead Of Its Next Big Event

One might think that any product that’s designed to enhance the utility of a smartphone, say perhaps an iPhone, would be totally cool with Apple. Not so, as instead it appears that selfie sticks are as annoying to the company as they are to anyone who dislikes getting whacked in the head by an eager, selfie-ing stranger in public. As such Apple has issued a ban on the poles ahead of its upcoming developers convention in June.

Joining such establishments as various Smithsonian Museums and other cultural institutions, as well as the Kentucky Derby, music festivals and the Palace of Versailles, Apple is not about to let a whole slew of people swing poles around at WWDC.

“You may not use selfie sticks or similar monopods” at the event, Apple’s policy reads (via CNNMoney), without stating why exactly they’re prohibited. “Any attendee conducting these activities may be removed from WWDC.”

There’s also a ban on professional photography and wearable GoPro cameras, though as long as you’re not waving a selfie stick in the air, personal shots and selfies are fine. You know, for that moment when you want to show everyone a bunch of heads facing forward while you take a close-up of your face.

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