McDonald’s Launching Line Of Bigger Burgers For A Limited Time

mcdonaldsirlIn the latest in a series of changes announced by McDonald’s as it tries to win its way back into the hearts and mouths of consumers, the chain is launching a line of larger burgers starting later this month, for a limited time.

A set of three “Sirloin Third Pound” burgers will hit menus for $4.99, reports the Chicago Tribune, though franchisees will have the power to set their own prices.

The burgers will come in three varieties: Lettuce & Tomato, Bacon & Cheese and Steakhouse, which comes with grilled mushrooms and onions, white cheddar and peppercorn sauce.

These beefed up sandwiches will be the biggest beef patties on the chain’s menu, echoing its previous attempt at beef abundance with its Angus Third Pounders. Those were dropped in 2013, with experts pointing to its higher price as the reason for its failure to catch on.

Fewer people have been eating at McDonald’s in recent years, bringing down sales for the last two years in a row. In an attempt to compete, McDonald’s has issued a slew of changes in how it operates, including cutting down the number of ingredients in its grilled chicken; dropping the use of controversial antibiotics in its chickens and giving workers employed directly by the company and not franchisees a pay bump (accounting for about 10% of U.S. restaurants).

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