Depend Attempts To Get Sexy With New Ad Pitch Aimed At The Younger Set

Lest you think wearing Depend undergarments is something the older folks do, the company has set out on a mission to spread what it calls “Underwareness” with a new ad campaign showing younger people, especially women, wearing the the protective skivvies.

In the newest effort as part of the Underawareness campaign, which launched last year, Kimberly-Clark Corp’s Depend has a bunch of younger women strutting around without pants on to showcase the brand’s new Silhouette Active Fit, reports AdAge, as seen in ads launching next week.

The campaign seeks to show that adult incontinence is widespread, and can effect people of all ages.

“It’s a recognition that many women with bladder leakage worry that people can tell,” said Liz Metz, brand director of Depend, adding that the ads are “recognition that one in three women deal with this issue, and they come in all shapes and sizes.”

Depend is shaping up in preparation to face competition from Procter & Gamble, which launched Always Discreet incontinence products last summer after previously ditching its Attend line. It now has a 9% share of the U.S. market, according to the VP of North American baby, feminine and adult care for P&G.

Along with young people strolling around in their Depend underoos, the brand also has celebrity stylist/Queer Eye for the Straight Guy personality Carson Kressley as a PR and social media pitchman to help appeal to the fashion-conscious out there dealing with bladder control issues.

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