Uber Driver Accused Of Returning To Burgle House After Dropping Off Passenger At The Airport

Having a complete stranger know where you live is always a risk, but it’s one we’ve all learned to take for the sake of practicality — how else are you supposed to get anywhere if you don’t have the means to drive yourself, after all? But police in Denver say that risk turned into attempted burglary, when an Uber driver picked a woman up from her home, took her to the airport, and then returned to her house to try to break in.

According to investigators, the suspect is an Uber driver who’d given a woman a lift to the airport and then circled back to her home, likely thinking it’d be empty, reports 9News (warning: link has video that auto-plays).

But the woman’s roommate was home during the burglary attempt around 1 p.m. in the afternoon, and allegedly caught the man trying to break in through the back of the house.

Police say the suspect was unaware there was a roommate involved, and after realizing someone was home, he left. The victim had taken a screenshot of her receipt showing the driver’s picture, however, and sent it to her roommate, who identified the driver as the man who tried to break in.

He was arrested yesterday, and could face a criminal attempted burglary charge.

Uber responded via a spokesperson who said the company “takes rider safety very seriously and upon learning about this incident, we reached out the rider. We immediately removed the driver’s access to the Uber platform, pending an investigation. We continue to be in contact with the rider and will assist the authorities in whatever way we can.”

Uber driver in alleged burglary case arrested [9News]

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