Panera Bread Wants To Tape Its Employees While They Make Your Food

Over the years video footage of fast food kitchens has surfaced showing employees doing some not-so-pleasant things. But Panera Bread is hoping its own foray into behind-the-scenes footage translates into more accurately prepared meals.

Business Insider reports that Panera will begin testing a pilot program that records employees as they fulfill orders.

The company says that managers and executives of the restaurants will review the surveillance to identify areas of improvement and then give direct feedback to employees.

The program, which is currently being tested in select markets, is part of a push by the company to improve order accuracy and customer service.

In another move to bolster accuracy and reduce the amount of time it takes for customers to get their food, the chain is also trying using ordering kiosks instead of cashiers. The former cashiers do get to keep their jobs — they’ll just be delivering food to customers’ tables.

Panera Bread is going to start recording video of workers [Business Insider]

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